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EEEF is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization formed in 2020. EEEF was the vision of Kelti Baker. 

EEEF specializes in empowering parents and communities to provide the right type of education for their children.  Often, politics, outside interests and economics play a much larger role in educating our children than they should.  EEEF works to put the power back in the hands of the communities who can see every day what our children truly need. 

EEEF provides parents resources to customize education for their kids in an environment more conducive to enhanced learning and educational performance.

We Help Where Help Is Needed.


Executive Director and Chairman

Kelti Baker

Kelti grew up in a teacher's home. Both her father and mother worked in the public schools as teachers, coaches, and in administration.  She started her college career on a volleyball scholarship pursuing elementary education. That changed to Psychology after she returned from the Canary Islands where she served a church mission for 19 months. She is fluent in Spanish and has a BS in Psychology with a minor in addictions, as well as a BS in Nursing.  She has worked at Boise State University, Department of Educational Technology for 3 years while working on her Psychology degree.  This experience has given her a passion for education, change, and making an impact that will prove lasting.

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Assistant Director

Tara Pugmire

Tara has a deep desire for family, faith and service.  She has owned a photography business for the last 12 years.  She has 5 beautiful children.  She helped her husband get his business of the ground for many years, as they own a screen printing and embroidery shop.  Tara's oldest daughter Morgan has graduated in nursing, and her son Tripp is currently on a mission in Peru.   She has three daughters with her at home.  Tara's desire for change and for people to have some control over their kids lives and education are driving forces in her life.  Lack of control in education has been problematic in her community, which taught EEEF that their issues are no different than many communities across America.  Tara's desire is to be that resource for others through EEEF.

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